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Final 2018 Hackathon Update

Hello all 2018 Putnam Hackathon Participants!

First of all, thank you so much for being part of this great event! You all worked so hard and should be very proud of what you accomplished. 

Some final items:

  • Please submit something to DevPost for your team if you have not yet. We want to be able to show this site for future hackathons and proudly say there were 17 teams! Use this link: https://devpost.com/submit-to/7325-2018-putnam-investments-hackathon/autoregister
  • Edit your submissions to not contain any company names or internal links. There was at least one team that had an internal URL in their submission and…

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Demo Order (UPDATED)

Please note the final demo order (and your team number) below! Team 1 will start at 9:30am EST! Please connect to the WebEx at 9:15 at the latest to ensure that everything is working.


Team 1
Palash Ray
Sushant Yadav
Jatin Khattar
Saurav Kumar
Akash Bisht

Team 2
Ramaprasad Mattur Sridhara
Sudarshan Srinath
Sruba Mohapatra
Vishal Saini
Srinivas Nadendla

Team 3
Sunil Kumar  Chauraha
Sonalisa Sahu
Akash Deep Mitra
Chandra Mohan
Priyajit Parida

Team 4
Salamthulla Shaik
Kundan Kumar Jha 
Nagarjuna KR
Sandeep Devra
Pooja Dhar

Team 5
Maureen Morin
Spandana Namboori
Siddhai Naik
Arjun Mohan
Rajesh Kollam

Team 6…

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Good morninggg hackathon sunshineees!

Participants - are you ready for demos? Did you submit your project on DevPost? Remember submissions are due at 9:00am ET. Demos will start at 9:30am sharp. Ask Ana or Bill for the order in which your team is presenting. Offshore teams will go first!

Hackathon Supporters - please arrive by 9:25am so that we do not disrupt the demos!


Get ready for a fun morning!

- The Hackathon Planning Team




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Showcase Tomorrow

One of the prizes that the top three teams can expect to get tomorrow is the opportunity to present their project to the members of the Putnam Operating Committee at 3pm EST on Wednesday. Please dress appropriately (formal) for this! If your team is entirely offshore and you would prefer to not stay up that late, please appoint someone in Boston to present for you.


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Submission and Presentation Instructions (IMPORTANT!)

Hello hackers! We're nearing the end of the 2018 Putnam Hackathon and there are some things you should be preparing for!

1.) You must submit something through DevPost. Detailed submission instructions below!

2.) All code must be in the 2018 Hackathon Git group (if applicable). Each team has a repo setup there. Ask Bill or Ana for the link if needed.

3.) Demos will start at 9:30am on Wednesday and your team will have 3 minutes to demo and 2 minutes for the judges to ask questions. These timings are strict. Please no PPTs, just demo your work. Connect via…

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DAY 2 - Please read carefully!


Day 2 has officially began with breakfast available on 22 Kitchen.

Participants - we wish you good luck finishing up your projects today.
Everyone else - please remember to come cheer for teams!

Today 10am, come to Congress A,B,C on the 2nd floor or tune in on Webex for the Practical DevSecOps session, where you will learn about building security into your DevOps pipeline. Make sure to stay around afterwards because we will announce a NEW PRIZE!!!

See you soon,
The Putnam Hackathon Team



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please…

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Who's hungry for dinner?

Hiiii everyone,

We have too much food for dinner today and tomorrow. Whether or not you are actively working on a project we ask you to please come eat our food at Congress A,B,C on the 2nd floor! This is not a joke. Free dinner. Two days.

Right now, dinner is being served and we have to-go containers.

Tomorrow, dinner will be served at 5:00pm and we will have to-go containers as well.

Thank you,

The Putnam Hackathon Team


P.S. We may or may not add "Consumes the most food" to the judging criteria...




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Mentorship Hours

Hi everyone,

Watch out because there is only one hour left of Bots mentoring time! You can see the entire mentoring schedule below:


Tuesday 4pm to 5pm - Vijaya
Tuesday 10am to 11am - Zhijun

Tuesday 11am to 12pm – Mathews

Tuesday 4pm to 5pm – Paul

Machine Learning Tools:
Tuesday 11:30am - 12:30pm - Slater
(Note: ML Workshop is at 4-5pm on Monday - Madison)

Cloud Services:
Monday 9am-12pm - John
Tuesday 9am-12pm - Ali

Monday 9am-4pm - Mike

Security Tools for DevSecOps:
Tuesday 1:30 to 4pm - Chris

Business Expertise:

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Bob Reynolds' Talk at 12:30!

Hello Hackathon Participants!

Please join us back on the second floor at Congress A, B, C to hear from Bob Reynolds. He will start talking at 12:30pm but please try to arrive by 12:15pm. The WebEx link is below, but please be here in person if possible to show how important this event is!

We'll announce the lunch location right after Bob talks!


Join by phone  
1-650-479-3208 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)  
Global call-in numbers  

1-617-760-6000 (Or Internally x16000)
Meeting number (access code): 623 103 827
Meeting password: hackathon

Join WebEx meeting

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Hi everyone,

This is the correct link for the Webex:

Join by phone 
1-650-479-3208 Call-in toll number (US/Canada) 
Global call-in numbers 

1-617-760-6000 (Or Internally x16000)
Meeting number (access code): 623 103 827
Meeting password: hackathon

Join WebEx meeting

Meeting number (access code): 623 103 827

Host key: 478618

Meeting password:


Join from a video system or application
Dial 623103827@putnam.webex.com 
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.  

Join via mobile auto-dialer
Click: tel:6504793208,,623103827#



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

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Final Reminders

Hello Putnam Hackathon Participants!

You are receiving this email because you are registered for the 2018 Putnam Investments Hackathon! If you are working with friends who did not receive this email, make sure they register via DevPost. Just a few reminders!

  • Arrive by 8:00am on Monday (breakfast provided in Boston!) for the hackathon kickoff at 8:30am in Congress A, B, C (2nd Floor), or connect via Webex (info below)
  • Fill out your team information (or your interest in joining a team) and choose a project on the team formation sheet (link can be found on the intranet post…

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